Mahindra Thar Viral VideoMahindra Thar Viral Video

Mahindra Thar Viral Video: Every day something or the other goes viral on the internet. If you are active on social media, you must have often seen some viral incident happening through shots. Which makes us think a lot in personal life. One such video is going viral on the internet these days, in which a careless father hands over the steering of Mahindra Thar to his small child.

People are very angry after watching the video, you may also get angry after watching this video. Let me tell you that this shocking video is from Bengaluru city. If you also want detailed information about this viral video, then wait till the end of this article so let’s start without any delay.

Mahindra Thar Viral Video

Actually, in the video which is going viral on the internet, a man made his children hold the steering wheel of Mahindra Thar in the middle of the road. The video going viral has been recorded by a journalist, this video shared on social media has also been tagged to Bengaluru Police and Traffic Police Chief.

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The video going viral has been uploaded on the social media platform Twitter. The caption of this video reads that a traffic violation has occurred near MG Road Metro Station. A child is driving a car, I am also sharing the number of the car, as soon as the post was shared, this video started going viral on the internet. Seeing the video, the police swung into action and action was also taken against the owner of the vehicle. The police has currently seized the vehicle.

Mahindra Thar Viral Video: you will also get angry

In this video which is going viral, you can see how a father has given the steering of the car to his children. It can be clearly seen in the hands of children while driving, this video which has gone viral is quite shocking. Often a major accident can occur due to such carelessness, people are also trolling a lot after watching the video.

Mahindra Thar Viral Video
Mahindra Thar Viral Video

People’s Reaction

As soon as this video started going viral on the internet, people started getting tremendous reactions to it. Look at this video, they are very angry. Many people are also trolling his father fiercely. Seeing this, the user wrote that he was not driving the car but was in his father’s lap, and was just holding the steering wheel. Those who have children can understand what was happening there? Another person wrote that criminal action should be taken against such people and parents should go to the doctor. Another user wrote that it is a matter of common sense, the child’s foot cannot reach the clutch and brake. He was just holding the steering wheel which is common.


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