Watch: Singer Sanam Puri marries Zuchobeni Tungoe in NagalandWatch: Singer Sanam Puri marries Zuchobeni Tungoe in Nagaland

In a Christian wedding in Nagaland, singer Sanam Puri ties the knot with Zuchobeni Tungoe in a ceremony filmed by The Naga Times

A beautiful ceremony was recently held in Nagaland as singer Sanam Puri tied the knot with his girlfriend Zuchobeni Tungoe in a beautiful ceremony.

Recently, at a stunning wedding in Nagaland, singer Sanam Puri and his fiancée Zuchobeni Tungoe exchanged vows. One of their wedding videos has gone viral. The pair is seen being married in a Christian ceremony on the video.

The singer of “Ishq Bulaava” can be seen wearing a black tuxedo. On the other hand, Zuchobeni is dressed in a floor-length white gown and a white veil. The priest officiates the wedding, and the couple is seen holding hands. The couple and the priest were shown on stage in the video. Samar, Sanam Puri’s brother, was the singer’s best man and is shown next to him.

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Watch as a couple in a conventional Christian wedding exchanges vows.

Following the couple’s social media video release, people showered the comment area with congratulations. The couple’s charming appearance together was also mentioned by some people. Sanam Puri disclosed in an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times that their wedding included a unique blend of Naga and Punjabi customs. “A blend of our two cultures was distinctive,” he remarked. I never thought of such a joyful wedding. This whole affair was made possible by my wife, Zucho.

Sanam Puri expressed his excitement about this stage of his life as well. He waxed poetic about his life and said that this was what he had always wanted. “I can’t think of a better feeling,” the singer exclaimed. This is what I’ve always wanted: to get married.There are no adequate words to express the bond we have. Building my new life with her excites me.

Watch: Singer Sanam Puri marries Zuchobeni Tungoe in Nagaland

Long-term dating took place between Zuchobeni Tungoe and Sanam Puri. The pair had never held back while discussing their union. The two-day wedding of Sanam and Zuchobeni will include customary activities. Sanam continued, “Our guest list comprised our nearest and dearest with a special emphasis on Naga tradition, inviting the entire village to partake in this joyous occasion.”

Professionally, Sanam Puri is well-known for songs like as “Ishq Bulaava (Hasee Toh Phasee)” and “Dhat Teri Ki.” In addition, he plays lead vocals for the pop-rock group Sanam.

Puri says that his wife has inspired him to write more songs and has had an impact on him as a musician. He says he’s been a fan of hers since they first met and is impressed by her vocal ability.
After getting married, Sanam also released a song with vocals by his spouse. The song was written a while back, and Sanam felt a musical connection with Zucho right away when they connected online. After seeing how well the song suited her, Zucho even flew to Mumbai to participate in a group jam session. Sanam’s life was transformed by the song, which was a major factor in guiding him to his life partner. They decided to release it in front of their loved ones on their wedding day in order to heighten the significance.


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Singer Sanam Puri marries Zuchobeni Tungoe in Nagaland Anurag Dobhal Re-entry in Bigg Boss 17
Singer Sanam Puri marries Zuchobeni Tungoe in Nagaland Anurag Dobhal Re-entry in Bigg Boss 17