Yamaha NEO'S Electric ScooterYamaha NEO'S Electric Scooter

Yamaha NEO’S Electric Scooter launch date: The image of Yamaha company’s electric scooter has been in the news for a long time. And Yamaha company was thinking of launching it in the new year but once again the launch date of this scooter has been extended. This scooter is going to be launched in the Indian market initially with one variant and a price of Rs 2.50 lakh. Further information about Yamaha neo scooter is given below.

Yamaha NEO'S
Yamaha NEO’S

Yamaha NEO’S Electric Scooter launch in India  

Talking about the launch of Yamaha electric scooter, Yamaha company is pushing the launch date of this scooter. But according to two wheeler experts, it is going to be launched between 2024 and 2025.

Yamaha NEO’S Electric Scooter price

Talking about the price of this great scooter of Yamaha, the starting price of this scooter is expected to start from around Rs 2.50 lakh.

Yamaha NEO’S Electric Scooter Design

Yamaha NEO'S Design
Yamaha NEO’S Design

The spy image of this amazing scooter shows the scooter fully covered. In which this scooter looks amazing and is quite similar to the Ola S1 electric scooter. And this scooter will initially be available in the Indian market with one variant and three color options. And it is given an attractive look by its dark blue color and its Drls lights and along with that, two headlights at the front which give it the look of an eye. Which looks very attractive.

Yamaha NEO’S Electric Scooter Feature

Talking about the features of Yamaha NEO, it is expected to be given many new functions such as mobile connectivity option, Drls headlight, key ignition, two different types of reading modes, one for riding the scooter on overcovered areas and one for speed right. For, and to show all these options, LCD instrument display is going to be provided in this scooter. Along with this, a mobile app will be available through which you can see its battery percentage and other things about this scooter. And this scooter has 27 liters of storage. In which you can easily keep your helmet and other useful items.

Yamaha NEO'S
Yamaha NEO’S Display
Feature Specification
Motor Type 3 Phase Synchronized
Nominal Power 2.3 kW @ 424 rpm
Maximum Power 2.5 kW @ 400 rpm
Maximum Torque 136.0 Nm @ 50 rpm
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage, Capacity 50.4V, 19.2Ah (5HR)
Total Number of Battery Packs Installed 1
Maximum Number of Battery Packs 2
Battery Fixation Removable
1st Battery Range (WMTC Class 1) 37 km
1st Battery Range, Eco Mode 38.5 km (Range varies by place, riding style, and battery degradation)
1st and 2nd Battery Range 68 km (Range varies by place, riding style, and battery degradation)
Battery Dimensions 360 mm (L) x 215 mm (D) x 105 mm (H)
Battery Weight 8.0 kg
Energy Consumption (WMTC Class 1) 31 Wh/km
Charger Type Wall charger 220VAC; Output 58.8V, 3A
Charging Time (0-100%) Eight hours (Charging time may vary depending on the charging environment)
Charging Time (20-80%) Four hours (Charging time may change depending on use conditions and battery degradation)

Yamaha NEO’S Electric Scooter Engine

To power the Yamaha NEO’S electric scooter, it is provided with the company’s best 50.4v/s19.2Ah Lithium Ion battery, which gives it a range of 68 kilometers on a single charge. And the total weight of this battery is 8 kg. But in this scooter you are given two batteries, the range of the first one is 38 kilometers per turn and the range of the second is 68 kilometers. These batteries take 4 to 5 hours to charge|

Yamaha NEO’S Electric Scooter Rivals

Yamaha NEO’S electric scooter is going to compete with scooters like Super Soco CPx in the Indian market.


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